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Information about the various tests and procedures you may encounter.

Tilt Table Test (TTT)
A tilt will be the most important test for you. It is how the majority of people are diagnosed.
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There are few precautions you need to take with with the tilt table test. However, when any drug is used with this test, the appropriate precautions for that particular drug should be observed. For example, when isoproterenol or similiar drugs are used during the tilt table test, the taking of non-prescription drugs for asthma, cough, cold, or allergy; appetite suppressants; sleeping pills; or drugs containing caffeine should be made known to the physician prior to the test. Likewise, the physician should be informed of any allergies to any sympathomimetic drugs, including several of the diet pills on the market. The physician should be told of any serious heart-rhythm disorders.
The risks are minor compared with many other procedures, but do include significant changes in blood pressure while in the supine position and any adverse reactions to medications administered during the test. Keep in mind that the people performing the test should be well versed in the procedure, and able to handle anything that happens. If you have doubts about their abilities, ask for more information about the people tilting you, ask what they would do in such a situation, make sure they have clear,concise answers, and do not become nervous by your questioning them. This test should be explained to you befor it is performed, and you should be made aware of all risks, if you are not, ask that it be explained.
Take charge of your medical care, these are things you have a right to know!

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